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Jehonna Kane, owner and cake designer of Maile Cake Design, visited our set today to present us with artful, delicious cakes. We absolutely raved over them!

Jehonna Kane has a background in multimedia arts, with a focus on a palette knife and brushwork. Her cake designs are a marriage between good flavors and the fine arts and are mainly inspired by nature.

Her cake business started in Hawaii while her husband was attending his internship at BYU and moved back to Utah in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. With their roots primarily from Hawaii and Asia, they incorporated their heritage into their work. They were once used by the royal Ali’i’s, now is a symbol to mark special occasions, such as proms, wedding ceremonies, grand openings of roads, bridges, and businesses. The word “Maile” is an indigenous vine or shrub found in wet forests throughout the Islands of Hawaii as a lei. It is worn as a mark of commitment between bride and groom during Hawaiian wedding ceremonies. 

Jehonna’s artistic philosophy is “finding beauty in imperfection” and accepting the creative process and journey, celebrating all the mistakes and imperfections. Because each couple she has met is different, no two wedding cakes she’s made are ever the same. The wedding couple plays a significant part in designing the cake–it is a collaborative effort between the couple and the cake artist. Even though wedding cakes are meant to be eaten and dismembered, she believes accepting and enjoying its artistic beauty at the moment is essential. 

Her design process starts with a focal inspiration element: it could be a dress, a song, a meaningful quote, architecture, or a memory. From there, she designs a mood board and compiles textures and movement onto the cake. 

Her favorite techniques are buttercream flowers, buttercream painting, hand-painted cakes, floral work, textured buttercream, and fondant cakes. She incorporates a lot of textures and movement into her cakes.

Buttercream Palette Knife Roses
1. Take a small fine-tip metal palette knife, grip with fingertips.
2. Pick up a small dollop of buttercream onto the tip’s edge.
3. With small, quick circular clockwise motions, gently spread the buttercream onto the surface.
4. Pick up another tiny bit of buttercream, this time on the opposite edge.
5. With small, swift, counter-clockwise motions, gently spread the buttercream opposite of the first painting knife stroke.
6. Repeat circular motions until the image of the rose appears.
7. Applying more lighter tint of buttercream flowers as the flower bud spreads open.

Cake Flavors:
-Coconut Lilikoi (Passionfruit) coconut cake, lilikoi curd, toasted coconut flakes with macadamia nuts, lilikoi Swiss meringue buttercream.
-White Chocolate Almond Raspberry White almond cake, fresh raspberry compote, white chocolate raspberry Swiss meringue buttercream.
-Chocolate Fudge dark chocolate cake with chocolate chip morsels, milk chocolate fudge buttercream.
-Berry Cobbler vanilla bean cake, crumble crunch, fresh berry compote, spiced vanilla bean Swiss meringue buttercream.
-Caramel Pecan Hazelnut moist pecan cake with caramel sauce, milk hazelnut chocolate ganache, beurre noisette et cassonade Swiss meringue buttercream.
-Strawberries and Cream strawberries cake, mousse filling, fresh strawberries, strawberries cream cheese Swiss meringue buttercream.

Find Maile Cake Design online and IG.

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