4 quick breakfasts to make your life easier

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Devrie Pettit from Pure Fit Pure Food addressed the difference between processed and prepared food and finds that the culprit of your unhealthy food typically lies in your breakfast! 

Today she shared her four favorite fast breakfasts that take advantage of wonderful processed foods!

  1. Make ahead oats
    • Cook up a big batch of rolled oats over the stove just with water.
    • You can add eggs for extra fat and protein and top with your favorites like peanut butter, brown sugar, bananas and whole milk.
  2. One-eyed monsters
    • Add grass-fed butter to a skillet.
    • Pull the center of a slice of bread out.
    • Place bread on the pan and crack and egg inside.
    • Season with salt and pepper.
    • Cool a couple of minutes.
    • Flip.
    • Cook through and enjoy!
  3. Cereal
    • Devrie said she used to never buy cereal but happened upon a couple good choices. She likes to use whole fat milk to hold her kids over and give them some good brain food before school.
  4. Dave’s killer bagel with cream cheese, strawberries and honey.
    • Devrie said bagels usually get a bad rap, but these are higher in protein.

For more information visit purefitpurefood.com and find them on Instagram: @purefitpurefood.

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