SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH (Good Things Utah) — Dr. Alisa Van Langeveld, an expert in family studies, emphasizes the importance of attachment in parenting. As part of a unique parenting experience on GTU running during the month of March, Dr. Langeveld will provide coaching to a family selected from the show’s audience. The coaching will focus on positive parenting strategies and will include teaching, targeted application, and self-development.

The first step in parenting, according to Dr. Langeveld, is to build a secure attachment with your child. This can be achieved by spending one-on-one time and noticing things that melt your heart. To learn more about these strategies, follow Dr. Langeveld’s on Instagram @10MinutesTogether.

Elsha Hill, a GTU audience member and mother of five, joined us live to share her experience with the GTU Parent Coaching program. As part of the program, Elsha shared what worked and what didn’t in her parenting during the week, as well as the challenges she currently faces as a parent. She also discussed the coaching she received and what strategies she tried during the week.

For more parenting tips, follow along throughout the month of March to see how Dr. Alisa Van Langeveld can transform your family.