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Millcreek Gardens shows Reagan with ABC4 some gardening tips and tricks for growing melons in 60 days and some handy tools to use in the garden.

Right now Millcreek Gardens has Melons on sale for $2.88, which includes cantaloupe, watermelon, and muskmelons.

Millcreek Gardens offers many different Herbs, Trees, Ground cover, Shrubs, and Vines. Their website offers details about what height, spread, and other important details you might need to know to make all of these thrive in your yard or garden.

While visiting their website, make sure you check out their Blog where you can learn important tips for Wasp prevention, Tips on gardening supplies you might need, and you can read about the difference between Annual and Perennial flowers.

When you’re done reading the blog, you can hop on over and check out supplies. Millcreek Gardens offers Fertilizers and gives you detailed information about the many available options. They also offer you Disease and Pest Control and possible causes, plus many options to fix the problem.

From there it’s time to get dirty. Let’s jump over to the Soils and Soil conditioners. Every gardener knows that good soil is important to a thriving garden. All plants have different soil requirements. See how Millcreek Gardens can help you find out what your soil needs to thrive!

Don’t forget that it’s important to have the right tools when gardening. The right tool can make a big difference and make gardening an enjoyable experience instead of a chore.

Check out Millcreek Gardens on their website, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook.

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