Rescue Mission of Salt Lake’s model of service is to address the cause of a persons homelessness.  In addressing originating and contributing causes we can end homeless in the persons life thus helping them become self sufficient.

They do this through a 13 to 18 month process of:

  1. Stabilizing the person off the streets, off of drugs, alcohol, etc and into the program of the Rescue Mission –  A person is not ready to address the cause of their homelessness, which is often traumatic, until the are stabilized and can then take the emotional risk associated with counseling and  matters of the head and the heart.  Stabilization phase is normally 30 days.
  2. Education and Counseling –  typically six month in duration – can be longer 9 months to a year – all based on the students needs.  This is the time the student is in two or three classes per day as well as individual counseling, mentoring and life coaching to address the cause of the, likely addiction, and life issue resulting in a person’s homelessness.
  3. Employment – after the person completes the education Phase,  the Rescue mission helps the person obtain employment in the greater community.  It is at this time we help the person with transition stress back into the work force, budgeting skills, paying back bills or setting up child support payments.
  4. Housing –  This is either private self-supported housing, or Transitional Housing in a Rescue Mission Clean and Sober Living Home. If the person is moving into fully private housing the Rescue Mission helps to furnish the apartment for the person.

The goal of the program is to take a person actively living on the streets an in 13 to 18 months have them progress through the New Life Program to full independent and self-sufficiency, with employment and housing, and not on a permanent government subsidy.

Rescue Mission Centers:

  • Rescue Mission of Salt Lake, Men’s Facility and Homeless Service Center: 463 South 400 West, SLC Utah
  • Rescue Mission Women Center, Women’s Recovery Program, 1165 South State Street, SLC, UT
  • Ogden Rescue Mission, Men’s and Women’s Program as well as Homeless Service Center, 2775 Wall Avenue, Ogden Utah

Learn more at Rescue Mission Salt Lake.

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