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Ever wanted to visit a tropical paradise? LaRene Bautner from Millcreek Gardens showed us that you don’t have to leave Utah to do that! Watch as she shows Reagan the best plants to bring a tropical paradise to your very own home.

LaRene started the tour with the stunning Alice Du Pont vines, which has gorgeous pink flowers that can grow to be up to 15 feet! This plant can be the perfect pop of color and beauty in your garden, while adding shade and height. She also featured beautiful jasmines that give off a wonderful fragrance you can’t help but love.

Next, she showed us that you don’t have to wait for life to give you lemons. You can grow your own by getting the Meyer Lemon trees from Millcreek Gardens! LaRene also presented one of her personal childhood favorites, snapdragons. Next was the exotic Amaranthus that have high protein seeds you can even cook. She also featured cleomes, colorful Inca lilies, exquisite Bougainvilleas and dahlias.

Not only did LaRene feature plenty of tropical plants, she also showed plants like jalapenos and bell peppers to help you create your home-grown veggies.

Every day is a great day at Millcreek Gardens, and today is the day to grow your perfect tropical paradise! Learn more at

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