Color Festival at Millcreek Gardens

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Red, blues, purples, greens and more! The theme for Millcreek Gardens this summer is lots and lots of color. Larene Bautner showed Nicea why Millcreek is the best place to get a perfect “pop” for your garden.

“Vibrant” is the best description of Millcreek right now. Everywhere you turn, there are beautiful plants in every color imaginable!

They have gorgeous geraniums — including stunning red ones that are 99 cents right now! They also have bright zinnia’s that come in gorgeous flower mixes that are perfect for your flower beds. Larene also showed thousands of perennials, and a variety of lilies.

When you garden, you need the right gear. Larene showed rose-patterned garden gloves, nutrient-rich soil and adorable hats. Nicea’s favorite was the tan one that matched her outfit perfectly.

For all your gardening needs this summer, Millcreek is the place to go. Learn more at

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