Pots and planters can make all the difference for your outdoor plants. Although good soil, plenty of water, and the right fertilizer are all important, the right container allows for optimal growth, health, and sustainability. Each container type has its own benefits and drawbacks, depending on your objectives. Ultimately, the right choice depends on the type of plants you hope to grow and where they will be located. Once you’ve decided which planters to use, it’s time to think about your plant picks.

The tried-and-true thrill, fill and spill container garden design technique makes choosing outdoor plants much easier. Basically, the plan involves placing three types of plants in each planter:

  • Thrillers – Tall, upright plants that draw attention and act as a focal point
  • Fillers – Plants that cluster around the base of the thrillers and fill the soil space
  • Spillers – Plants that cascade over the container sides for added texture and color

Thrillers are usually placed in the center of the container, with the spillers around the edges and fillers in between the two. However, if your planter will only be seen from one side, the thrillers should go towards the back.

Choosing the right outdoor plants and containers is ultimately all about purpose and preference. For all your growing and gardening needs, visit Millcreek Gardens, where you’ll find a friendly, experienced staff and every conceivable type of pots and planters.

Visit Millcreek Gardens online or head on over to their SLC, UT location and speak with a specialist to get all of your questions answered.

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