Your hair will thank you once you check out these 3 must-have hair products

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We have all been there, looking at the ends of our hair observing the breakage and dryness from the summer heat. Well, Amber Fillerup is here to fix all your dry hair problems with her newly marketed hair product Dae Hair.

Amber believes that hair should genuinely become healthier and not just coated with chemicals which is why she has created her new hair products. She has a shampooing and conditioning product that lives sulfate and chemical-free and not only revitalizes damaged hair but reserves the color as well.

Amber launched this company during the pandemic, which has made her business not just a company but a family business, and her kids helped her through the journey. Amber started her hair journey at hair school and knew from the very beginning that hair was her love and passion, which then led her to tackle her dream of creating Dae Hair.

The desert has inspired Dae Hair’s colors Amber grew up around, and each product is filled with all desert dried ingredients, such as prickly pears, cactus flowers, and much more. Amber says that these ingredients are great for your hair and great for sustainability since they don’t require a lot of water.

Dae Hair has just launched its new Monsoon moisture mask that has taken its inspiration from monsoon season in Arizona. The product is perfect for newly bleached hair as it is clean and easy on your hair when hydrating it. You apply it once the shampoo is rinsed out, and it should be left in for 5 to 10 minutes; she also suggests combing your hair with it to ensure your hair gets nice and silky.

The second great product that Dae Hair has is the Prickly Pear Hair Oil that is applied the night before a morning hair washing. It acts as a prewash overnight treatment or can be used as a dry hair product to bring back the shine.

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