For Fitness Friday, Yoga Instructor and author, Colie Belieu came to talk about her favorite yoga moves for mothers and to talk about her new book, ‘Mindful Motherhood’. Belieu was inspired to write the book to help new and expectant mothers and incorporate the most relevant themes of yoga for motherhood. Each chapter there are yoga poses, meditation, breathing techniques, and journal prompts for mothers to ponder and reflect on ways they can become the best version of themselves and the best mother they can be. Belieu wants to show mothers how advantageous yoga is for everyone, especially mothers. 

Yoga is especially helpful for expectant mothers and mothers of newborns, infants and toddlers as it helps relieve stress and heals the mind and body and there is a strong connection between yoga and motherhood. “They go so well [together] because yoga has such a peaceful effect on both mama as well as her baby, creating this really safe space for [the] baby to grow,” said Belieu. Yoga also provides mothers to reflect inwards and strengthen the body to prepare for motherhood.  Belieu felt most inspired by her own mother and the numerous other women she’s met that have shown that there’s not one way to be the perfect mom. 

Yoga while pregnant may seem like a challenge with a baby bump and swollen ankles, but Belieu has the best stretches for pregnant individuals. While your center gets bigger with growing life, you can use props to help achieve your moves. Belieu also says these moves are also appropriate for the expectant person’s partner, many of which can be done before conception. The book also has opportunities for prompts for couples to prepare for pregnancy and parenthood. There are also great chapters in the book for expectant mothers who may not have a partner. 

Belieu performed her favorite pre and postnatal stretches as well as the best props for pregnant individuals. The props included a bolster on top of two blocks, blanket and a lavender scented eye pillow. The bolster and blocks are helpful for shavasana, the final resting pose, as the expectant mother can lay and get up with ease. The blanket is great to put under the knees for additional support and the eye mask adds to the relaxation. These props can also be used for baddha konasana, a pose with soles of the feet together with knees out which helps open the body up. Belieu will have a book signing in Park City on Sunday, Jun. 26. The event will be from 10 a.m. -11:15 a.m. and will take place at fulFILLed, Summit County’s exclusive zero waste and refill store at Park City Outlets.

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