Would you eat a peanut butter and mayo sandwich?

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Is this online fad worth the try or should this one go down in flames with the rest? Ali found this article from the Huffington Post about how peanut butter and mayo sandwiches are trending on the internet. So, we thought we’d listen to the internet once more (bad idea) and give the gooey sandwich a fair shot. 

As expected, everyone hated this strange concoction. Everyone but Reagan, that is. Although the peanut butter overwhelmed the taste of the mayo, the mayo added more of a gooey texture than people liked. People who eat this sandwich regularly, say to eat it with sliced bananas in the middle. Everyone agreed that adding the sliced bananas made it better, but good enough to eat by choice!

So the verdict is in, we are sticking with the dynamic duo: peanut butter and jelly. Sorry, Mayo. 

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