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Now, no more worrying about your children when they go out on a camping trip, a hike or any other kind of outdoor activity. There’s a new wilderness survival kit for children call the Buddy Pack. Connie Jones joined Good Things Utah with a look at how it helps in emergency situations.

If your children–or grandchildren–spend time in the outdoors camping, hiking, snowmobiling, back-country skiing, exploring, hunting, they need to be prepared with knowledge and tools to survive in the wilderness if they get lost.  

Many parents do not know how to prepare them for this possibility, and don’t know what to do if their children do get lost.

Buddy Pack believes every child is capable of surviving in the wilderness if they get lost, and it has been developed especially for this purpose.

This is the first wilderness survival kit created especially for, and with the help of, children. It contains a Parent Guide so that the parent can help the child learn how to use the kit. Also included is a Picture Card, so the child can remember what the parent has taught them. Children love it because when they understand how to use it they feel confident, empowered, and prepared with the most important survival tools children would need.

The item they like best (and why it is called a Buddy Pack), is a small stuffed animal (a puppy) that provides comfort and companionship, and becomes their adventure buddy.

So if you want to prepare your child–or grandchild–to be brave instead of fearful, to see themselves as a survivor, they need a Buddy Pack. 

Visit BuddyPacks.com for more information or to order one for yourself.

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