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Justin Smith, Produce Manager from Honeybee Produce Company joined us today for National Nutrition Month to divulge all things nutritious and the latest health craze over the popular ancient Asian drink called Kombucha. 

Kombucha, a popular ancient Asian drink that is sometimes referred to as “mushroom” tea, a type of tea that has been fermented from good bacteria and yeast that makes a good source of probiotics, providing many healthy benefits.

By adding probiotics foods like kombucha to your diet, it can help to improve your health in many ways including improved digestion, increased immune system, energy enhancement, and it is stated that kombucha can also help fight cancer, cholesterol, and arthritis.

Many fermented foods and even ripe fruit and fruit juice contain trace amounts of alcohol due to the same process, when prepared, stored, and consumed correctly, the amount of alcohol in the finished kombucha product should be minimal, less than 0.5%.

For more information, you can visit honeybeeproducecompany.com and on Facebook at facebook.com/honeybeeproduce. Also, visit the store’s location at:

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