Why you should stop judging those who judge

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Even if you consider yourself to be a non-judgemental person, there is still room for you to judge others, who are judging. Best-selling author Christie Gardiner joined us to explain why we need to stop this behavior, and how to go about it. 

Gardiner said, “recognize that if we believe that our worth is our worth and that it cannot go up or down based on what we do or don’t do, then we have to believe that the same is true for everyone around us.”

She also shared one simple step and that is to recognize things you have in common with someone else, instead of your differences.

Gardiner shares ways to make your dreams happen, tips for helping others when it seems like there is no time, how to create deeper connections with your kids and how to stop judging those that judge in her new book Holy as You Are

Visit christiegardiner.com to learn more. 

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