Why you should have a New Year’s goal instead of resolution

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Motivational speaker, Ganel-Lyn Condie, was here to tell us what we can do about the problem with resolutions, since they tend to get sabotaged early on. Instead, she said we can focus on something more obtainable, maintaining values vs. resolutions.

Values allow you to see the direction you are moving towards in your goals. Keep it simple and choose two. For some ideas, visit pinterest.com/ganellyn/ and without overthinking it, grab a notepad and pick five that resonate with you, then narrow it down to two.

Next, aim for the following depending on your value:

  • Make smaller weekly or monthly goals that allow you to move towards your values.
  • If your value is hope, a smaller goal for the month would be doing a daily gratitude list.
  • If your value is connection, a monthly goal may be weekly dates with your partner.
  • If your value is health, your monthly goal may be to drink five glasses of water daily or get more sleep.
  • Values help you cultivate. You can’t measure values, but they give you the freedom to adjust and lean into measurable goals.

Remember, this isn’t checking hope off a list, it is about leaning in and practicing it over the next year with smaller goals that can adjust.

Visit ganellyn.com for more inspiration and also on YouTube: Ganel-Lyn Condie

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