Why play is the best service you can give to your kids and community

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Karli Verhoef from the Sunshine Heroes Foundation talks about how “play is the path” to serving within your family and communities. Watch the clip to learn more on how important play is for kids and how it ends up serving the entire community.

Game Ideas:

Red Light, Green Light template:  The red light/green light activity is printed on both red and green cardstock and then mounted on popsicle sticks.  Then you can play a game with your child where you can lift the green light and they can move but when you show the red light they have to stop.  This can help very young children learn to control the movement of the body with practice.  The same is true with regulating our emotions.  First a child can’t regulate their emotions until they have control of their body.  So this is another way of learning regulating emotions.  A parent can play with the child and hold their hand if it is impossible for the child to stop or they can allow the child to control the red light / green light signs so that they are leading the play.

Emotion Cube: This is a fun game to play with children where they are able to act out their emotions in a fun manner with parents also acting out the way they express their own emotions.  It helps children give words to feeling which is so important

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