Why blood donors are needed now more than ever

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Every two seconds, someone in the U.S. needs blood. But for the past four years, new Red Cross donors have declined by about 80,000 each year. This is not just a Red Cross trend, but a challenge blood collection organizations face across the country and around the world. As part of an international movement, the American Red Cross has launched the Missing Types campaign to recruit new blood donors and those who have not given recently to ensure lifesaving blood is available for patients

Sheri Van Bibber, American Red Cross spokesperson and blood recipient, joined us to share her personal story. While giving birth to her third child, Chris Van Bibber, Sheri began bleeding from complications. The bleeding was life-threatening and occurred while still in the operating room. Sheri said, “the mission of blood services was in my heart and veins….literally!”

During the Missing Types campaign, the letters A, B and O, the main blood groups, will disappear from brands, social media pages, signs and websites to illustrate the critical role every blood donor plays. When the letters A, B and O vanish from everyday life, the gaps are striking. And when A, B and O blood types are missing from hospital shelves, patient care could be impacted.

By supporting the Missing Types campaign, you can inspire new and former blood donors to give this summer and become regular blood donors in the years to come.

To donate visit redcrossblood.org and find them on Twitter: @RedCrossBloodLC and Facebook: @Greater Salt Lake Area Chapter American Red Cross. 

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