Summer Price, Speech-Language Pathologist and owner of Middle Hill Speech & Voice Clinic shares tips and tricks to get your toddler talking. We are open to treating clients of any age. We have had clients as young as 18 months and as old as 87 years.

With three clinicians on the team, they can help treat speech sound disorders, tongue thrust, stuttering, language delays, social communication, voice disorders, and swallowing disorders.

Summer says they have seen an influx of early intervention clients, ages 0-3, who are having a hard time with their language development, what you might typically call “late talkers”.

When should you consider speech therapy for a child in that age group? Potentially when they’re not reaching their milestones.

At 12 months, most toddlers can say one word.

At 18 months, most toddlers can say around 10 words.

At 24 months, most toddlers can say at least 50 words and are beginning to use 2-word phrases (“more snack”).

At 36 months, most toddlers can say around 250 words and are beginning to use 3-word combinations.

“You know your child best. Don’t wait. If your child is not meeting one or more milestones, has lost skills he or she once had, or you have other concerns, act early. Talk with your child’s doctor, share your concerns, and ask about developmental screening.” – CDC

Summer and her team offer free consultations, “sometimes it just helps to get a professional’s opinion on where your child is developmentally. We can help determine if it sounds like they are on the right track or if they could benefit from speech therapy.”

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