What teens want parents to know about their stress

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Nicea sat down with Utah 11th graders Cayden, Grace and Rachel to talk about how today’s teens are coping with stress, anxiety and depression. Utah has the highest rate in the country for teen suicide and ABC4 wants to help Utah families have better conversations around mental health.

“Stress levels are going up and less is being done about it,” said Cayden. They all claim to know someone in their peer group dealing with anxiety and depression.

All three students believe social media plays a role in why stress levels are so high amongst teens.

The teens stressed that it is important to recognize social media isn’t real life and they all need to connect face-to-face.

Cayden admitted that social media can be a source for stress and anxiety for him, but that he also likes to make his friends aware through his posts that his life isn’t perfect, as the teens admitted part of the problem stems from such feelings.

Social media sets an unrealistic expectation for teens on how they should think, act and look and also leave teens feeling like they’ll never measure up, said the group.

Nicea asked the teens what they think parents can do to help their teens to cope with their stress and they said that having regular conversations about their day is a great place to start.

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