What is intuitive eating?

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Intuitive Eating is something Devrie Pettit was introduced during her Dietetics program in college – a long time ago. It’s truly the most peaceful way to experience eating and heal your relationship with food.

We are swimming in diet culture and flooded with extreme and restrictive advice when it comes to how or what we should eat. It is extremely destructive. Intuitive eating teaches you to become confident in your food selection and how to be skeptical of the diet messages surrounding us.

Intuitive Eating is vastly misunderstood.  One fully understands what it is all about.

It is not eating whatever you want.

It is not just eating when you are hungry and stopping when you are full.

There are 10 distinct principles.

Today she highlights the last principle – a brief, but important chapter on nutrition.

Food is not black and white. It is not good or bad. Instead we have nutritious food and play food.

Nourishing food nourishes your body. It helps your body function properly. It gives you stamina, balances your hormones, and helps you feel good.

Play food nourishes your soul. It tastes good, it brings up special feelings, it’s fun! And it is just as important as nourishing food.

There is also a 3rd category not really mentioned in the book, but something that she helps her clients explore. Diet foods – are products of diet culture. They are used to replace or healthily your “forbidden foods”.


  • Protein cookies
  • Some protein bars
  • Protein drinks

Find more information on instagram: @happilyfed and you can learn more about her membership for making peace with food at behappilyfed.teachable.com

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