Summer is over and school is back in session! Nicea’s brother Garrett Muse joined us with a few insider tips for parents to keep in mind during the new school year. 

Perhaps you didn’t realize that the following things were driving your child’s teacher crazy, but it turns out… they do! He was helpful enough to explain why, from the list below. 

1. Don’t buy them a back to school mug.

It tends to be one of those go to gifts for teachers that they really don’t want or need. 

2. Read the information the school sends you!
Whether it’s paperless or not, checking your child’s backpack and your email is key to staying in the loop! One of the biggest complaints from teachers is parents complaining that they don’t know what’s going on when in fact, teachers have sent notifications.

3. Refusing to put your cell phone away during drop-off and pick-up.
Your kids are excited to see you and tell you about their day so put the phone down and pay attention.

4. Send your child to school with supplies that weren’t on the list.
Additional supplies could cause distractions.

5. Blame other kids when your child does something wrong.
Your child is responsible for their own actions and behavior and you can’t blame another child. If another child is involved the teacher will talk to them and their parents as well but other kids aren’t your responsibility. If bullying is involved it’s a different situation that should be taken to administration with the teacher.

6. Assume that they don’t like your child because of bad grades.

The only thing teachers want for their students is success. Helping your child with studies at home, and showing an interest in their education will help them strive!

7. Refuse to let your child take ownership for their actions.
Sometimes learning isn’t all about the material being taught, it’s also learning those life lessons that aren’t always easy.

8. Ignore their recommendations and push your child too hard.

This isn’t the teachers first day of school so listen to their advice… they know what they are talking about.

9. Refuse to put aside your differences for the benefit of your child.

This one is especially sad for anyone to watch but especially your child. They are aware of it and it does cause them stress. Try to take care of personal differences in private so it isn’t something the kids have to worry about on top of school.