Ways to getting your puppy trained

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They’re adorable but this can be tough! Puppies are like babies, they need a lot of love and a lot of attention, Ryan, from Train Walk Poop brought three of the cutest puppies to the studio to give tips on training your new puppy.

Here are some of their tips for you to try out at home!

  1. Your puppy should be on leash, in her crate or within your line of sight at all times.
  2. You should monitor food and water intake until she is potty trained also.
  3. Your puppy needs more sleep. They tend to be the most mouthy and rowdy when they are most tired, like a toddler who needs a nap but won’t sleep.
  4. Your puppy can be crated during the day for as many hours as she is months old (3 month old puppy can handle 3 hours in the crate at a time).
  5. Redirect, redirect, redirect when your puppy is biting you or things she shouldn’t.
  6. Every puppy is different and so is every owner, that’s why Youtube can’t train your puppy.
  7. No water 5 hours before bed.

If you are looking to get a new puppy or in the middle of training you puppy now, give these tips a try! You can check out their trainwalkpoop.com

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