Ways to get your kids to exercise

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Whether having a house full of babies or teens, many parents want to set a fit and healthy example for their kiddos. Parents can get their little ones involved in their exercise routine in many different ways in their own home!

Experts from SLC-based Xyngular and fitness expert David Martinez is sharing tricks and tips for getting kids of all ages interested in exercises and some great routines that families can enjoy together.

David, along with Michelle Luchansky-Marostica showed fun ways to get kids active and get them exercising!

Here are tips when exercising with kids:
Keep the kids engaged – games are a great way to accomplish this
Keep the activities short – kids don’t have a long attention span so if you try to do games/activities that are too long, you’ll lose them!
Try to keep the activities away from physical contact because otherwise it can turn into a shoving/pushing match (i.e., in his version of “tag”, they’re hitting an object and not a person)
Kids love obstacle courses: get some hula hoops and little cones and you can make obstacle courses all through your backyard; it keeps them engaged, plus it’s a memory game because they have to remember what to do at each spot

To connect with David and Michelle, visit www.xyngular.com

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