Motivational speaker Ganel-Lyn Condie joined us today to share helpful tips. She says, “Our teachers deserve our love and respect! 

Teachers have prepared double the lesson plans, pivoted to ZOOM teaching, and continued to show up at work while juggling family needs as well.”

Ganel -Lyn has worked in the schools this year and our teachers and school staff have struggled with their own mental health needs and pandemic challenges. They have shown up under extreme situations. 

How can we, at the end of this unique school year, show our respect and appreciation on a BIGGER level than in years past?

  • Write a letter or email with specifics. Thank them for where they helped your child, taught specific units, or adapted for covid teaching.
  • Help your child write a letter about how they have been impacted by their teacher.
  • Ask your child what “likes-hobbies-interests” their teacher has. And get a gift or gift card connected with specific likes. (books, Star Wars, chocolate covered cinnamon bears)
  • Post on social media POSITIVE thoughts about the school staff and teachers so that others will pass it on in their school.

Even if you don’t have a school-age child – consider writing a teacher from your past and thank them! 

A teacher affects eternity; [they] can never tell where [their] influence stops. – Henry B. Adams

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