The power of living in the present is unmatched. Walking over broken glass can help! Shantel Reiz talked about why. 

Overcoming fear is a part of life, but so often people get stuck because of this fear. Thinking about the stories we tell ourselves about experiences we may be having can make or break an event. So many times we talk ourselves into having a bad experience and end up not doing something, or the event plays out as our negative self-talk takes over. 

Broken glass is something that is meant to instill fear. Now, using it to empower and overcome fear, Reiz uses walking over broken glass to incorporate believing in yourself. 

This experience is about being present, being in tune with your body. 

Taking a deeper dive, the experience of walking over glass is meant to be done with an intention. Asking yourself how you’ve been holding yourself back and what goals you have that you want to achieve, this experience offers a way for people to participate in positive self-talk and change the negative thinking into something positive. This experience represents overcoming fear. 

Some intentions have been overcoming a health issue, something someone wants to try that they haven’t been able to or anything else that may come up. 

Doing something physically hard that we have a predetermined understanding of not being able to do and overcoming it proves to the mind that sometimes the negative voice in our head can be wrong. 

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