Zulema Lockhart, Owner of Zulie’s Treasures joined hour one of GTU to share what Zulies Treasures offers! At Zulie’s Treasures, they showcase curated antique, vintage, modern, and engagement jewelry. Zulie’s has something for everyone at a great price. 

Lockhart and her husband created Zulie’s Treasures and have been in business since 2011. Zulie’s Treasures is an extension of their pawnshop. During the pandemic, Lockhart wanted to find ways to help her small business from home. Lockhart was on social media and stumbled upon a picture of beautiful jewelry. That’s when Lockhart got the idea to start sharing her hidden treasures online and created Zulies Treasures! 

At Zulies Treasures, jewelry is acquired through estate sales and the owner’s pawnshop. Zulies offers jewelry at a much lower price and at a fraction of what you would pay at a big chain store. Who doesn’t love a deal? 

Lockhart shared a few tips to consider when collecting new antique and vintage jewelry. Ask yourself these questions first. Are you expecting these pieces to come to you looking new? Will you be upset if there are scuffs, dents, or pitting on the gold? Will you be okay with scratches or chips on the stones? 

As a way for customers to get to know the owners of Zulies, Lockhart shares a personal collection every Sunday named Sunday Treasures. 

If you are interested in curating your own collection of treasures, follow the links below! 

Zulies Treasures is offering free shipping on orders over $100 (Layaway available)

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