Utah’s Own: VIDA Tequila and Fat Boy Ice Cream

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Utah! VIDA is your Tequila! 
Award winning, Ultra Premium Tequila-VIDA is Highland Tequila

Our agave is grown at the same elevation as Park City, where our crops get lots of sun and rain so its a delicious, sweet agave tasting tequila. vs. a Lowland which is more earthy

Pairing modern and traditional methods to create a timeless spirit we call VIDA, a top-shelf tequila, and unexpected rival to other spirit categories. Experience uncommon quality and flavor. Love what’s in your glass.

Sip or mix. VIDA is so versatile. Anything you can do with a gin or vodka you can do with our blanco, If you love bourbon, youll love our Reposado and if you love Whisky- try sipping our Anejo in a snifter or tequila Riedel or in your Manhattan or Old Fashioned

Hot spots SLC:
Finca, Frida Bistro, Red Iguana, East Liberty Tap House, Provisions, Taqueria 27, Red Rock, Cannallas, Taco Taco, Porcupine Grill, Cliff House, Alamexo, BTG, Whiskey Street, Bourbon House etc.

Hot Spots Provo: 
Black Sheep Café

Hot Spots Park City: 
Handle, Fletchers, JG Grill, The Farm, Montage, OP Rockwell,
Web Site:check VIDA out on www.VIDATEQUILA.com |
Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for upcoming events and news

FatBoy Ice Cream Sandwich- 5 ounces of rich creamy vanilla ice cream sandwiched between two light delicious chocolate wafers.

Fat Boy Nut Sundaes are tradition at it’s finest. Originally known as the Casco, our nut sundae, toffe and chocolate coated ice cream bars are known as an American pastime.


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