Two new options to watch this weekend

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It’s Friday, which means it’s time for movie reviews! Val Cameron is here and we’re talking about two new options to watch this weekend.

The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard (R)

Bodyguard Michael Bryce (Ryan Reynolds) and hitman Darius Kincaid (Samuel L. Jackson) are back for more ridiculous action movie shenanigans! The sequel to The Hitman’s Bodyguard brings actress Salma Hayek front and center. Samuel L. Jackson’s character needs saving and Hayek who plays Sonia Kincaid wants to help her husband by bringing overly protective bodyguard Michael Bryce back into their lives. Of course, just like the original, things do not go as planned and chaos ensues. This is a fun, adventurous, and vulgar movie. We all know that with Samuel L Jackson comes a plethora of swear words, but Val thinks Salma Hayek outdoes him in this movie. There are surprises in the story and with pop-in actors. She doesn’t think it was as good as the first movie, she does think it was entertaining. A lot of laughing out loud. If you don’t mind silliness and bad language, then you will enjoy this movie. In theatres and streaming now.

Grade: B-

Luca (PG)

As an Italian, Val has been waiting for Disney to make a movie about Italians for a while now. Pixar and Disney bring you to this fun small Italian town not only above the water but below. Filled with fun characters and beautiful surroundings, you are immediately captivated. The story is a mix of The Little Mermaid, Pinocchio, and Coco. Where it doesn’t back as much of an emotional punch as other Pixar movies, it does take you on a journey of friendship, curiosity, and relationships. As a parent, Val is connected to the relationship that the main character Luca, played by Jacob Tremblay, had with his mom and dad. As parents, we always want to protect our kids, and not knowing when to let them explore and grow is scary for us. When he accidentally makes a new friend, Alberto, he is introduced to a life beyond his small town and can’t help but get caught up. This movie is delightful and full of fun meaningful life lessons, Disney and Pixar Easter Eggs, and lots of Pasta and Vespas. Steaming only on Disney+

Grade B+

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