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Babies are one of the greatest joys in life. You’ve got to love their cute little faces, but sometimes, traveling with them isn’t the easiest. There’s so much that you need to bring, that it can be easy to leave some essentials behind. Traveling also exposes babies to a lot of harmful bacteria, and you can’t help but worry for their health and safety.

Katie Reed, the blogger behind “It’s A Mother Thing”, knows how to combat these problems. She came on to GTU to offer helpful advice on making sure you’re always prepared when traveling with your little ones.

TIP 1: Invest in Two Cloth Diapers

Not everyone is a fan of cloth diapers, but Katie suggests that these are a great investment for travel. Cloth diaper wraps and cover are waterproof. They can be used over disposable diapers to contain any blowouts — which is kind of a big deal when you have limited clothes on hand.

TIP 2: Always Have a Spare Change of Clothes!

Make sure you have an extra change of clothes for the baby and yourself for when you’re traveling. Children can get car or air sick, and if you’re the target of the result, you want to make sure you have something else to change into before you land.

TIP 3: Keep Baby’s Nose Hydrated

Make sure to carry nasal saline for flying when you fly. This will help keep the baby’s nose hydrated, which is essential during those challenging descents on the airplane.

TIP 4: Think of Baby’s Immune System Development

Airplanes are one of the places that collect the most germs. Think of the people who touch or sneeze on the surface you’r going to put your baby on. Babies immune systems are still developing, which leaves them susceptible to pathogenic bacteria. Make sure you invest in a good probiotic to help crowd out this harmful bacteria and help with immune system development.

TIP 5: Bring Disinfectant Wipes in Your Carry-on Bag

Ever think about what happened in that rental car or airplane seat before your flight? Sometimes, people change diapers on those tray tables or back seats. Bring wipes to clean everything make sure it’s sanitary for your baby.

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