It’s all about the bangs! Nicea took a brave step last time she was in the salon and it paid off! She’s had so many comments on her bangs that she decided to have the man behind the scissors, Matthew Landis Atelier, show us how to pull them off. 

This is one of those conversations that people can talk about for hours and hours and hours,” says Matthew. “Nowadays people are more reluctant to cut their hair… It’s just hair. It grows back, so have fun with it.”

He showed us how quickly it’s done on our Executive Producer, Marchelle. “Find the bend in your head and then work down from there or you’ll end up with chunks above your ear,” says Matthew.  

Matthew does remind us, bangs are right on the front of your face, so it is the most important thing to get right!  Which means it might not be a DIY project at home. You might want to seek out a pro! Another thing to keep in mind is length. Matthew says it’s better to go long and cut short if you want and do it right. Bangs draw attention to the eye and help bring out the cheekbones. 

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