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If you’re stressed about your New Year’s Eve outfit, don’t feel like you need to go shopping! Local stylist Jen Clyde says you can shop your own closet for tonight and any other occasion. But first, make sure you have a good selection to work with. 

If you need to do a closet clean out, ask yourself the following before you toss it:

  • Does it fit poorly?
  • Is it too hard to clean so it’s always in the hamper?
  • Does it have an embellishment or detail you don’t like?
  • Is it a bad fit for your lifestyle?
  • Is it a loner (i.e. is it hard to match with anything else in your closet)?
  • Is it faded or stained?
  • Is it so uncomfortable that you’re basically tearing it off once you get home?

Jen said to ask yourself how many times you’ve worn a certain article of clothing in the past six months and if it’s less than 10, get rid of it.

Jen also said if you have a hard time remembering or thinking on the spot about what pairs well together, take the time to document your favorites. Styling your clothes and taking photos of them makes it a lot easier to choose in the moment. 

Make sure you also have a solid, basic, foundation of clothing pieces like denims, white shirts, black and brown shoes, black blazer, black sweater, and all the accessories to change up a look in an instant.

Jen uses the 3 to 1 ratio rule. This means you have 3 tops that go with every bottom in your wardrobe. It’s not a must, but does make a quick shop of the closet more helpful. 

Don’t forget the accessories! Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and belts, can change any outfit, at any time, dressy or casual, in an instant. 

For more fashion tips visit and the for a community of style fun! Or follow her on her Instagram: @jenstyles for more style inspiration.

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