Tips to organizing your closet with stylist, Preston Tait

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Your closet can be a fun place for fashion or a nightmare to find anything to wear! And much of that depends on how it’s organized! Stylist Preston Tait stopped by the show us how to do it right!

“You want to shop your closet for clothes just like you shop the store for clothes” says Preston. “We dress according to our mood, and that often correlates with color!”

Here are Preston’s tips:
1. Hang all tops by sleeve length, and then by color within each category.(I will demonstrate with the hung items) 

2. Hand denim with the front of the jeans out. This allows you to see any characteristics of the jeans that you want to have for your outfit. 

3. Face one show with the heel facing out, and one with the heel facing in. This allows your to get more shoes in the same amount of space.

4. Put all of your seasonal clothing like holiday sweaters with that decor. You aren’t wearing Christmas sweaters year round! Get em out of the way! 

5. Clean your closet out at least twice a year, once right after the first of the year, and right before school season. 

6. Sell your other clothes to makes extra money to buy new clothing! But don’t hold on to it! Your clothing depreciates just like your car! 

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