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Bestselling authors and parenting experts, Richard and Linda Eyre were in the GTU studio sharing the first in a monthly, three-part series on “what not to be and what to be” as a parent. Today’s segment was, “Don’t be a Controlling Parent, Be a Serendipity Parent”.

Serendipitous parenting involves finding things in your kids you weren’t looking for, better than things you were searching for. And it involves being the opposite of a controlling parent.

There are parents who are having power struggles with their kids by trying to control everything the kids do thinking it will bring them all happiness. Serendipitous parenting involves giving your child two or three choices vs. telling them what you think they should do. Then you offer them praise.

Serendipitious parenting can begin as early as when your child is two or three years old, but work in adolescents as well. Family laws and consequences should begin to be established alongside this so your child begins to rely on what is expected of them to guide their decisions.

This way of parenting provides families with more happiness as parents become less controlling.

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