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Every 2 minutes today, we snap as many photos as the whole of humanity took in the 1800’s! That’s quite a statement! Kylee Wyatt, mom and scrapbooking queen, joined Ali on Good Things Utah to share some photo-storing tips.

Did you know that Americans took 7.5 TRILLION photos last year alone? That’s almost unbelievable, but when most of us have a camera on our person at all times, it does make a lot of sense. In past years, when we took a roll of 24 photos, we would develop that roll of 24 and look at all 24 photos. NOW, we take a few or even hundreds of photos at a time and “develop” zero.

The big question is, how many do we look at? It might be all or a few, but there are times we don’t look at any of the photos we take. We just snap, snap, snap away.

Here are some of Kylee’s effective photo-storing tips:

  • Start right where you are in your photo mess ,TODAY. Many of us have so many photos saved all over different clouds, flash drives and so forth, but start with your photos from today. You can always go back and do previous years but start now then work backwards, so you aren’t getting further and further behind. This will give you a glimpse of hope instead of feeling so overwhelmed.
  • DELETE DAILY! With this tip, you delete the extra pictures on your camera roll every night, then it will be 100 times easier when you go to share or scrapbook them. Even if you don’t want to scrapbook them, one really good picture is much more meaningful then 20 of basically the same thing. When you delete the not-so-great pictures each day, it’s easy. But if you wait even a week, it’s harder to delete, because these photos are now “memories.” Neither your kids or grandkids will want to go through millions of photos. They’ll really want just the best!

For many more helpful tips to getting organized, making quick and easy photo books, ways to get old media digitized and encouraging letting go of what is not needed, email Kylee with your questions at

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