Parenting young kids is tough enough, but how do you prepare to be the mentor for  your older children. Ganel-Lyn Condie, author and speaker, shows some helpful tips to make it little less stressful being the mother and father of teens and adolescence all the way up to middle-aged. Here is what she says to do to support all age groups:

  • Teens: text, talk before bed and take your son or daughter on a weekly date with mom or dad. 
  • Over 18: Sunday dinner, text them and offer help with living expenses if applicable
  • Married with children of their own: Offer to babysit (you get to spoil the grandkids), invite them over for the holidays and any family get together. Become an adult friend you love and know really well, while also being their parent when they need. 

The key is communicate with your kids, especially in the ways they like to communicate. Such as, texting, email, social media platforms, etc. However, a phone call never hurts anyone either.