Tips for getting your baby through Daylight Saving

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The dreaded time change that all moms hate. Today we have marriage and family therapist and baby sleep expert here to tell us how we can not only cope with the time change but even enjoy it! Marietta Paxson from shares her tips. 

There are two different strategies to help your children adjust to the time change.

The first is the slow and steady approach:

  • Slowly move all sleep times back by 15 minutes every 3-4 days.

The second is a band-aid approach:

  • The night before the time change put your baby/toddler to bed one hour later. The following day follow the clock for their regular sleep schedule. Making sure that they start their day, by the clock, at the regular time.
  • You could also split the hour differences between bedtime and nap times, so they are progressively going to bed later and later throughout a 24 hour period.

In either approach remember the importance of light and darkness, and cues of the time of our daily activities, like mealtimes.

Marietta’s favorite approach is quite different. It is also the most fun! It makes the time change transition not only smoother but even enjoyable. Are you ready to hear this!?

Take a trip the weekend of the time change! Go to grandmas or down to St. George, or to the family cabin! Just a low-key trip to enjoy yourselves.

Everyone knows sleep schedules get slightly thrown off when traveling, so who needs an excuse to loosen up and let your kids go to sleep later for naps, and later for bedtimes while on the trip? This is a perfect excuse to let loose!

Once you get home return to the normal schedule, following the clock. There will be some adjustment, just like there is from any trip, but so much better than suffering at home!

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