Cleaning expert Emily Grow, owner and founder of Grow Cleaning Services, came to Good Things Utah to talk about the ways to properly clean our living spaces. With lots of confusion and trial and error, Grow learned the most effective ways to spruce up the bathroom. Grow started the segment showing how to remove hard water stains from bathroom sinks. This method is versatile and people are able to use this method on bathtubs, kitchen sinks and even toilets. 

Grow recommends using Scouring Sticks as a staple in your cleaning supply. They are affordable at just $2 and found at most grocery and big box stores. They need to be wet in order to work and will not damage, scratch or stain sturdy and white porcelain. If you have a small porcelain figurine or thin porcelain or porcelain that is not white, Grow recommends exercising caution. The Scouring Sticks are essentially thick sandpaper and turn the stains to sand with ease. 

It seems no matter what we do to wipe down our kitchen doors and cabinets, they seem to always stay looking dirty. Especially those of us with little ones. Grow’s solution is to spray Lysol’s Multi Purpose Disinfectant Spray and use a cleaning brush or Magic Eraser. Grow recommends spraying it and scrubbing and wiping it right off and not terribly aggressively but with enough resistance. “You do want to be careful what you use on painted wood. I will use Magic Erasers but it can take paint off if you scrub too hard.” said Grow. She also suggests having several size brushes including little ones for those hard to reach places and crevasse. 

Grow also talked about the most neglected parts of the homes including vents, window tracts, shower door tracks, and even filters in your dishwasher that many people don’t even know exist. For most of these she also suggests using the small scrub brushes. Many people also are unaware that you can take off your vent with ease, which allows for the best way to clean it. 

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