There can be happy endings to families looking to rehome their pets

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Katelin Hair and her Dad, Bob Hair came by to share their journey of becoming Paxton’s new family after Ryan Gwilliam with Train.Walk.Poop in South Salt Lake helped Surae rehome Paxton.

There can be happy endings to families looking to rehome their pets. Surae wanted to make sure that rehoming Paxton would be best for him before going forth with the difficult decision.
-He was biting the kids
-It started getting worse
-They had him assessed at Train.Walk.Poop
-The analysis wasn’t what she was hoping for.
-They concluded he could be happier in another home without young children.

Paxton is a cherished family member and Katelin is always anxious to get back to her “fur baby” when she’s been away from him for a few hours. They have a very cute relationship.

Paxton has now adjusted to his new home life, his new “sibling” Travis. He loves water! From the sprinklers, the shower, tub, or dishwasher.

Ryan stayed afterward to share some dog training tips.

Watch the video to learn tips for dogs to be retrained or rehabilitate, not to bite?

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