Salt Lake City, UT (Good Things Utah) – The shocking truth about the dangers of artificial sweeteners may have you second-guessing how you sweeten up your life! Dr. Daniel Pompa, Cellular Health Expert, joined us to discuss the hidden dangers of how artificial sweeteners can actually damage one’s body.

Last month the World Health Organization announced that it categorized aspartame as a possible carcinogen, but other organizations disagree. All of this has caused much confusion about how safe or unsafe aspartame is.

Carcinogens are substances that are capable of causing cancer. In addition, they are a huge hormone disruptor that can cause weight gain. Many artificial sweeteners are found in diet drinks like Coke because they have zero calories. However, the sweeteners act as exciter toxins in the brain and cause more hormone disruption that makes the body act in a way that causes the body to gain weight via the hormone response.

Watch the video above to hear all Dr. Pompa said about artificial sweeteners and which ones are safe. Find more inspiring tips from Dr. Pompa by visiting and following his social media sites at @drpompa.