SALT LAKE CITY, UT (Good Things Utah) – There is so much pressure on women to do pregnancy perfectly. They’re expected to exercise, eat enough but not too much, and eat all the perfect things but listen to their bodies. 

Being pregnant is hard. Kelsie Jepsen explains that she had no idea how hard being pregnant was. She suffered from severe morning sickness in the first trimester and had extreme food aversion and fatigue. Jepsen was pretty sick for 7 weeks straight and hadn’t heard many people talk about what it’s like being pregnant and sick, therefore, she wanted to touch on it in this segment. 

Jepsen doesn’t believe in the narrative that we’re not supposed to tell people we’re pregnant until you’re over ten weeks along. She explains that she told her closest friends and family members right away because she needed support and it felt good to talk about what was going on. 

Finding a good doctor to treat you without weight stigma is another awesome tip explained throughout the segment. It is important to seek a doctor that not only knowledgeable but trustworthy. 

Another challenge Jepsen faced was plus-size maternity clothing. She has found Torrid in Fashion Place Mall, and Target to have decent plus-size maternity clothes that have the perfect amount of stretch in the areas you need. 

The final tip she shared with our hosts was the importance of finding fat-friendly pregnancy pillows, balls, safety seatbelts, and belly bands. All of these things are hard to find in plus sizes. Jepsen found a Facebook Group called “Fat Positive and Pregnant” that helped her find most of the things she needed.  For more information follow Jepsen on Instagram!