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Aaron and April Jacob, marriage coaches and bloggers, are two happily married people who are constantly working to nurture their marriage. 

Every marriage needs nurturing. Nurturing is the care, attention, and intentionality that you give your marriage. This one attribute will  cultivate your marriage and bring you a happily ever after. But, happily ever after isn’t something that just happens, it is something you create over time. It also doesn’t mean living a heady, romantic, zero-conflict relationship with your spouse. Happily ever after is all about taking care of your marriage and keeping it a high priority as you and your spouse go through life together. 

April and Aarons book, Nurture: 100 Practical Tips for Marriage, is chock-full of encouragement and practical tips that will teach you how to nurture your marriage. Over time, this will lead to a deeply connected, highly meaningful and very satisfying relationship. 

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