We have all heard at one point or another that self-care is important and feel guilty or bad when we don’t take time for ourselves, but Erin Shepard says that needs to stop.

Erin believes that self-care also needs to be self-sustaining to maintain that, the key is to think simple and small. She suggested using this recipe for self-care to create your own self-care tools.


  1. Vision
  2. Hearing
  3. Smell
  4. Taste
  5. Touch
  • Your five senses have power to anchor your mind and body in ways no other product or tool can. It’s our built in self soothing system!

Self-care begins by intentionally combining your senses. Have a premade list of ideas as a resource. Develop the skills under peaceful times so the skill is familiar and can be put into action during stressful times as well. Practice different skills frequently multiple times a day.

Erin also explained that self-care in its many forms increases our ability to exercise self-compassion. Self-compassion empowers us to sustain emotional health long term. 

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