SALT LAKE CITY, Utah- (Good Things Utah) Music is an essential part of life and something everyone should experience in some capacity. Jenny Zemp, board of director member for Gifted Music School came to the GTU set to share information about the school as well as the benefits of children playing music. In addition to Zemp, Ezekiel ‘Zeke’ Sokoloff, a violinist from the school joined us as well and performed an exquisite piece, “Carmen Fantasy” by Franz Waxman.

While some people may not understand the benefits of music, Gifted Music School knows how it can help students not only in the arts but also in math, literacy and many other educational facets. “When you give a child a music education, you give them something that improves every area of their life,” said Zemp. “It can help them even 40 years later. [Their] brain will show benefits even [if] they stop practicing or stopped taking lessons, it’s there forever.” Zemp said this benefits students not only in their academic life but also in their personal life and helps them with their empathy.

Inspired by his mother who played the violin as a child, Sokoloff knew this was something he wanted to pursue as well and his mother felt it would be advantageous and a good skill to have. “I started the violin when I was five,” said Sokoloff. “Through the [Gifted Music] School, and through my teachers and through my friends at the school it became something that I really loved.” At just 17 years old, he has won multiple international competitions and has beat older and more seasoned musicians and has also been nominated to be a presidential scholar in the arts. Sokoloff is one of the most accomplished students to come from the school and is passionate about music.

Zemp and Sokoloff believe that quality teachers who love what they do and encourage students are key to the child’s success and experience. Sokoloff has been involved in the orchestra for seven years and felt the community and teachers are what helped make him feel comfortable, confident and cared for.

The school believes that music is something that every child should have access to and experience, regardless of their age, family’s income or ability. On Thursday, Apr. 13 there will be a Spring Gala that will showcase numerous talented students from the school. There will be a fundraiser. All proceeds help fund the school to make it affordable for everyone. Tickets are available at and you can receive 20% off with promo code “goodthingsutah”.