SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH- (Good Things Utah) February marks heart health month with the week of Feb. 12-18 being heart failure awareness week. Unfortunately, heart disease is the leading cause of death in the US claiming over 700,000 annually in the nation and 17 million worldwide. Fortunately,  Aida Woodward, Holistic Health and Plant Based Coach came to GTU to share the benefits of eating a plant based diet and how they can significantly reduce your chances of heart disease and other coronary ailments.

While heart disease is somewhat generic, Woodward suggests that Heart Disease is preventable by 90%  Oil free Whole Food Plant-Based eating is the optimal diet for prevention and reversal of Heart Disease. It is also crucial to eat a High Fiber and Low Fat Diet such as Woodwards method is helpful for Heart Disease and other illnesses, such as diabetes.

Woodward also helped us make a plant-based heart healthy chili recipe that doesn’t skimp on flavor. It is protein packed and delicious! The recipe can be found on page 66 in her cookbook along numerous other delicious and nutritious oil free whole food plant based recipes. The recipes are also incredibly easy to make and the ingredients are found at any grocery store. In addition to being the best way to eat for your health, a whole food plant based diet is one of the most affordable ways to eat. It is also the best diet to eat due to environmental impacts and for your overall wellbeing.