Nicole Anderson author Of The A’s and B’s of Our Inland Sea sat down with Bree and Surae to discuss her new children’s book. After blogging and writing for 10 years she thought it was time to publish a book of her own. Her hope is that it is that this multigenerational children’s book will not only help teach children the ABC’s but also instill hope into our future generation of stewards of the Great Salt Lake and all the creatures that call it home. I want people to learn about the lake, and eventually love and protect it because it is an integral part of our ecosystem along the Wasatch Front.

Anderson feels passionate that children (PreK-3) are a new group of people to learn about the lake and will become future stewards of the lake and water management.

Anderson teaches in her book that the lake is home to lots of fun creatures! Brine shrimp, Bison, Pelicans, Microbolites (living rocks) Mirabilite.
The lake is part of the Pacific Flyway, thousands of birds stop here on their annual migration
There are a ton of fun activities on the lake, rowing, swimming, floating, sailing (no more water), Antelope Island, Dark Sky Parks.

Anderson made it clear that it’s not too late to save the lake. If you’d like to sponsor a classroom and purchase books for an entire class please reach out via email or order on the website.

Launch party at The Chase Mill at Tracy Aviary
Saturday, May 7th 1 – 3 PM
Facebook & Instagram: @ourinlandsea