The 4 C’s to combat cooties

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This year’s flu season has already been called an epidemic by health experts. Cami Kesler, Nurse Practitioner is here to share details on how we can help our little ones combat cooties this winter with a few helpful tips and tricks.

1. CLEAN YOUR HANDS: People touch their eyes, nose and mouth an average of 15 times an hour. Cami suggests lathering hands with soap and water, and rubbing for about 20 seconds, the length of the song “Happy Birthday” twice.

2. CONTAIN: Misconceptions about being an over protective parents

  •  STAY at HOME: Vomiting, Diarrhea, Flu-Like Symptoms, Fever >100.5
  •  Combinations of TWOs

3. COOL Mist Humidification: Soothes familiar problems

4. CAUTIONS about medications: Age Groups vs. Symptoms

  • Using other people’s / left over medications

Cami will also discuss some FEEL BETTER FASTER tips for a quick recovery time.

Follow her instagram for more cootie combating tips! @camikesler_nursepractitioner

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