The 3 survival tips you need to know before heading outdoors this summer

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With the beautiful weather of summer comes hiking, camping, off-roading and more fun outdoor activities. Sometimes this can also mean finding yourself in an emergency situation, like running out of gas, or getting lost or stuck. Survivalist Eric Boettcher, says these three ‘H’s’ of survival can help keep you safe in even the most dangerous circumstances.

1. Heat
You need to keep warm in the cold and cool in the heat.  How to make a shelter using nature, how to make a fire last through the night, how to start a fire with sticks and more.

2. Hydration
Dehydration can happen faster and kill more people than most illnesses in a survival situation. Most people aren’t aware that in extreme cold  you can still dehydrate.  When you are extra thirsty, but have nothing to drink, eating can dehydrate you. 

3. “Hell Bent” Attitude
No matter your situation, if you are not determined to make it, you wont. A positive mental survival attitude is required. An attitude of not quitting when the going gets rough, and the need to collaborate with others is imperative. You must save your energy and think outside the box or you won’t make it.

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