SALT LAKE CITY, UT (Good Things Utah) – If you have a passion for fashion, then you are going to love the Utah Pacific Fashion Show coming up this summer. Afa Ah Loo and Benjamin Powell, co-founders of the show, joined us to talk about the inspiration behind the show.

The Utah Pacific Fashion show will be on July 29th of this year, and was started to be as sort of a launchpad for culture and fashion. The planning began so early due to the fact that at the show, there will be designers from the South Pacific and around the globe attending, and they wanted them to be prepared.

Afa’s designs were meant to tie back to his culture while adding a modern twist, and the specific outfits shown today were meant to be a combination of Polynesian and French culture. Much of Afa’s inspiration for his work is Polynesian women, since he grew up around strong Polynesian women, and nature, as much of his designs are colorful and green.

In his work, Afa likes to mix patterns and colors, combining them into something beautiful. In order to not take away the spotlight from the fashion, the models are wearing simple makeup to let the color of the designs pop, and their hair is in long curls inspired by Polynesian women, but with a modern twist. His clothing is even inclusive for all types of sizes and women.

For the show in the summer, Afa will be showing off a whole new collection, and 14 other designers from all over will also be attending to show off their work. If you are interested in attending the show, you can find more information or purchase tickets at You can also find and message Afa at @afa.ahloo and Benjamin at @thebenjaminpowell on Instagram. Get 10% off when you purchase your tickets to the show now with code GTU, good from now until January 6th.