Steps to defining your style and choosing design elements in your home

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Decorating your home is stressful… unless you know your style! Hillary Harris, a designer, shared steps you can take to reduce your stress when designing your home!

1. Walk through your house and take photos of your main spaces. Your eye will see things
differently in a photo. Write down a list and specify exactly what you love in each space.

2. Go to your Pinterest Mood Board “Dream Home” and look through your last 15 pins and
write down the commonalities: Texture, Clean Modern Lines, Pops of Color, Comfort,
Coastal Vibes, Neutral Palette, Blue Hues, Etc – Really define specifics – Now compare this
to your home you live in and find the things that you are drawn to. This will give you your
“anchors” of your design style and should help you navigate to what really defines your

3. To keep continuity in your home, you want to have key items that keep a space flowing. It
can be furniture, accent walls, artwork, flooring, etc.. This becomes your “Anchor” that
keeps your décor elements cohesive. 

4. Defining your Anchors, keeps you on track, and cohesive. You want to make sure you
incorporate those elements from your lists into your main items, and big focal points. Then
you can add into your home small design elements into a room that will bring out your
personality and give it your personal touch. 

Knowing your style and what you should look for to anchor a room, will help you save time money, and frustration. Defining your personal likes, and what you are drawn to, and keeping those elements as main themes will keep any space cohesive when adding in another style and pop of design. 

Visit Instagram: @hillaryharrisdesign and Facebook: @HillaryHarrisDesign

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