Steig Larson ‘The Man Who Played With Fire’ documentary premieres at Sundance Film Festival

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Many people have read “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” book series, then turned movie and hit the big screen but who is the man behind it all?

Steig Larson is the famed author who was behind the scenes is now being taken to the spotlight with the documentary “The Man Who Played with Fire,” directed by Henrik Georgsson. Georgsson is promoting the documentary that premieres at Sundance Film Festival Tuesday night.

Larson passed away from a heart attack in 2004 and in his last years he dedicated to writing this trilogy but Larson’s life and himself were very interesting. During Larson’s life, he was a dedicated journalist and investigated neo-nazis and extremists in Sweden and Europe and exposing their secrets to the public. 

Georgsson did his best at creating reenactments and creating his presence in the room because in Larson’s life he did not like being on camera, due to the dangerous people he was looking into and exposing, so there were not many video footage or stories about him. 

When you hear of Steig Larson you think about his lovely work and dedication to his books “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,” but there was so much more to him and what he stood for. This documentary will shine a light on the man behind the scenes and take a glimpse into the life Larson lived. 

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